Infernal Restraints

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Last updated: January 27th, 2017

In this infernal restraints video, we have another chick that ended up in the wrong hands and of course getting punished. She went to one of her friend’s house, but he wasn’t there so the guy that opened the door invited her in. And that’s pretty much where everything started. She was actually at the wrong house but it took her a while to figure it out because she didn’t know his roommate. This guy offered to give her a tour of the house, she accepted but once they got in the basement things got really weird between them.

He asked her to try out one of the cages there, without knowing she got there and there is where she stayed for a while. This guy punished her in every possible way he could think about it. Started from whipping to a fucking machine. O.T. loave playing with his submissive victims and he did it this time too with this poor chick. She definitely wasn’t expecting this and you can see that. This was all for today but make sure you check out the entire scene below and we’ll see you with more next time! Also you might enter the site and see other

Watch here this poor chick getting punished!