Device Bondage Oral Fixation

Eden Sin enjoys nothing more that having big hard dicks in her filthy mouth. O.T. has the perfect device bondage treatment for her in this infernalrestraints update. Eden doesn’t mind recording everything, actually, she insists on having it on camera so she could check it out later. O.T. is just another guy on her list. She went over to him and unbuttoned her pants, but as she was about to get her lips around his dick, O.T. handcuffs her wrists and locks her ankles to the floor. Now that he has here where he wants, tied and quiet the fun can actually begin.

He wants to do something way kinkier that what she had in her mind, so he took her a bit by surprise. O.T. always surprises his victims because they never quite understand in what they are getting into. He pushed Eden on her back and locked her neck as well to the floor. She’s going to do what she loves, but everything is going to happen on O.T. devicebondage terms. Looking at her he noticed that he completely forgot about her nipples so he immediately attached clamps which he ties to her toes. O.T. then took out his black dildo and begun shoving into Eden’s mouth. He didn’t stop until she was covered in her own drool. This lesson she isn’t going to forget too soon. Enjoy it and see you guys later!


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