Hungry salve gets a cock

This is the day we bring to you another hot infernal restraints update. Tonight PD has a new slave and just taped himself while he was giving her a lesson with his cock. This crazy stud will treat like trash this poor girl and she will obey him pretty good. Even if this was her first BDSM experience, the babe seemed to enjoy PD’s treatment. Just stay with us and watch them in action.

The master will start his lesson with a blowjob. He was pretty horny from the moment she took her clothes off and he saw her hot curves. Getting an instant boner, he had to do something about it, so he will put her in her knees with her hands to her back and will shove his hard cock deep into her mouth. She truly loves the taste of his cock and that is very clear for me. She is sucking on her master’s cock like there’s no tomorrow, looking him straight into his eyes to see of her is pleasured enough. After that nice blowjob, PD will load his jizz into her mouth, then he will continue what he started. Now that she isn’t hungry anymore, as he feed her with his semen, they are ready for action. Stay with us and see how everything happen. Enjoy!


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