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Uneven Bars

Last updated: March 13th, 2017

Infernal Restraints returned with another great video, this time starting Leya Falcon. Well, Leya isn’t like most of the girls around here, she actually likes having things shoved up her ass. We never thought to ever have someone that’s so excited about anal as she is. From the moment she got in the studio she was dripping wet just waiting to start the scene. Leya started with the usual, our favorites and that included getting gagged, tied and getting her nipples clamped.  She got her feet, tits and ass caned and then it’s on to the really good stuff. O.T. showed her what rough really means and tested Leya in this intense video.

O.T. has Leya down, tied, on her back with her legs spread just enough to show her holes to the camera. O.T. places a vibrator in her pussy, a vibrator that is remotely controlled by him. He then pulls out a dildo, that’s had the circumference of a baseball, and shoves it in her ass after she liked it. This dildo is longer that what most girls are willing to take in their pussies. While he was fucking her with the huge dildo he starts playing with the dildo in her pussy as well. Well, she asked for it so it was pretty hard for O.T. not to give her what she wants. Enjoy it and make sure you see the entire video below!


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