Amateur Hour Revenge

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London River is the latest victim in this infernal restraints video. The submissive slave is facing O.T. in this one, O.T. a real professional. London tells him in the beginning of the scene not to insult her and not to scare her in any way. He told her that he will try it but couldn’t promise her more than that. When the sexy model got there, she introduced herself as India Summer and that was the nicest she was during the entire scene. Right after that she started bossing people around, to bring her all kind of impossible drinks and she wouldn’t stop talking at her phone. But the worst thing that she did was that she trash talked about O.T. with him standing next to her.

Well O.T. wasn’t going to let her do anything she wants in the studio and insisted that they start the Device Bondage scene. He tied her up in metal bondage and she couldn’t stop thinking about her slipping and hurting herself. O.T. thought her a lesson, but her entrance as he takes her apart. O.T. bends her over and started beating her, bruises her. O.T. torments her until she can’t take it anymore. Maybe next time she’s going to be nicer to the guy that owns a dungeon. You can check her out in action in the gallery below to see everything she went thru with O.T. See you next time!

See this kinky slut getting punished by O.T.!