Pound Of Flesh

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In this latest infernal restraints update, we have Nora Reily getting roughly punished. Nora wasn’t too lucky lately and this wasn’t her day either. She had a pretty hard time finds jobs and the ones she got she couldn’t keep for too long. With all of her bills rolling in she had to borrow some money, money she couldn’t pay back so she had to do something for it. Nora had to appear in a few home movies. O.T. was probably the worst guy she could’ve meet but after this one she surely is going to think it through twice before accepting everyone’s help.  He has a really special session prepared for her and he can’t wait to try out all of his sex toys on his next slave.

She was told that it wasn’t going to be too extreme just some horror movies that need he needs actors for. Nora finds herself trapped in this guy’s basement under a thick metal bar. She tried pulling her herself from underneath it but her head was stuck. Then she was him coming her way and that’s when everything started and O.T. started punishing her in the worst ways you can think of. Enjoy the video and the picture gallery below!