Device Bondage Oral Fixation

Eden Sin enjoys nothing more that having big hard dicks in her filthy mouth. O.T. has the perfect device bondage treatment for her in this infernalrestraints update. Eden doesn’t mind recording everything, actually, she insists on having it on camera so she could check it out later. O.T. is just another guy on her list. She went over to him and unbuttoned her pants, but as she was about to get her lips around his dick, O.T. handcuffs her wrists and locks her ankles to the floor. Now that he has here where he wants, tied and quiet the fun can actually begin.

He wants to do something way kinkier that what she had in her mind, so he took her a bit by surprise. O.T. always surprises his victims because they never quite understand in what they are getting into. He pushed Eden on her back and locked her neck as well to the floor. She’s going to do what she loves, but everything is going to happen on O.T. devicebondage terms. Looking at her he noticed that he completely forgot about her nipples so he immediately attached clamps which he ties to her toes. O.T. then took out his black dildo and begun shoving into Eden’s mouth. He didn’t stop until she was covered in her own drool. This lesson she isn’t going to forget too soon. Enjoy it and see you guys later!


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Infernal Restraints – Dolled Up

Adorable Lydia Black joins O.T. in this infernal restraints scene. She’s gonna join the exclusive club that tried O.T.’s perverted sex toys and Device Bondage Collection! He needed a new doll. because he broke his last one last week, so he made sure that she;s wearing her doll dress and makeup. Lydia thought that she was meeting him for a smoke before going home, but now she’ll be lucky if she sees the daylight again. O.T. took her time to strip her naked, going over every inch of her body. Lydia is now exposed, vulnerable and humiliated and the worst part is that she doesn’t know when all of this is going to end.


She’s one hot catch, extremely flexible and she might be the best he brought home. The metal restraints pulled her limbs out wide while the latex mask keeps her in the dark for some training of o porn. Although she tried to scream and struggle no one can help her. O.T. begins working at her pussy using a whip and in the end, she’s moaning. Lydia is dripping wet and she might probably think that if she take this all she might get rewarded with his dick. She was rewarded but not with his dick, it was 8 inch of cold steel shoved in her pussy. O.T. worked her pussy until she squirts and then moved to her ass. You can see her in some infernalrestraints action below!


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Extreme BDSM – Uneven Bars

Infernal Restraints returned with another great video, this time starting Leya Falcon. Well, Leya isn’t like most of the girls around here, she actually likes having things shoved up her ass. We never thought to ever have someone that’s so excited about Extreme BDSM Restraints as she is. From the moment she got in the studio she was dripping wet just waiting to start the scene. Leya started with the usual, our favorites and that included getting gagged, tied and getting her nipples clamped.  She got her feet, tits and ass caned and then it’s on to the really good stuff. O.T. showed her what rough really means and tested Leya in this intense video.

O.T. has Leya down, tied, on her back with her legs spread just enough to show her holes to the camera. O.T. places a vibrator in her pussy, a vibrator that is remotely controlled by him. He then pulls out a device bondage and a dildo, that’s had the circumference of a baseball, and shoves it in her ass after she liked it. This dildo is longer that what most girls are willing to take in their pussies. While he was fucking her with the huge dildo he starts playing with the dildo in her pussy as well. Well, she asked for it so it was pretty hard for O.T. not to give her what she wants. Enjoy it and make sure you see the entire video below!


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Amateur Hour Revenge

London River is the latest victim in this infernal restraints video. The submissive slave is facing O.T. in this one, O.T. a real professional. London tells him in the beginning of the scene not to insult her and not to scare her in any way. He told her that he will try it but couldn’t promise her more than that. When the sexy model got there, she introduced herself as India Summer and that was the nicest she was during the entire scene. Right after that she started bossing people around, to bring her all kind of impossible drinks and she wouldn’t stop talking at her phone. But the worst thing that she did was that she trash talked about O.T. with him standing next to her.

Well O.T. wasn’t going to let her do anything she wants in the studio and insisted that they start the Device Bondage scene. He tied her up in metal bondage and she couldn’t stop thinking about her slipping and hurting herself. O.T. thought her a lesson, but her entrance as he takes her apart. O.T. bends her over and started beating her, bruises her. O.T. torments her until she can’t take it anymore. Maybe next time she’s going to be nicer to the guy that owns a dungeon. You can check her out in action in the gallery below to see everything she went thru with O.T. See you next time!


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Infernal Restraints – Nips Video

Being a model for our infernal restraints video isn’t an easy job and not everyone can do it. One of the most frightening things is when you hear one of our guys coming towards you with a device that he wants to try out on you. This is probably what Sasha, our girl for today, is going thru. She has her head covered with a leather mask so she can’t see a thing. Sasha only heard the footsteps coming her way and that scared her because she didn’t know what was going to happen next.

Matt Williams was the one in charge with punishing the submissive model in this video. He had her tied up to a metal device bondage, with her body leaning back and her legs were out in front of her. Matt covered her nose holes, to make it harder for her to breath so that everything he does will be more terrifying. Sasha sits in the dark, breathless and he starts flogging her tits. Her body starts turning red and now she knows that it will going to hurt her more and more. See her in action in the video below and make sure you return to see more hardcore treatments applied on willing hot girls in front of the camera. Until next time make sure you check out the older infernalrestraints updates too!

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Device Bondage Gallery

Blossom had the time of her life in this infernal restraints video with London River. He is one of the toughest handlers we have and about any model would be balling her eyes out after a full feed with him, but not her. Blossom loves getting beaten, humiliated and testing her limits. We got you some of the kinkiest devicebondage girls you are going to find in this business. They are up to anything and when we say anything we actually mean everything. If you don’t believe us you should check out the scene below. Blossom wasn’t going to back up from anything and she took everything like a pro during her entire episode. These girls are here to test their limits and you got one of the best seat to see it all.

O.T. gave it a try too, he had her completely exposed, tied on the device bondage toy and he’s ready to take advantage of that. Blossom got her body covered with binder clips and gets her eyebrows and ears pinned. O.T. then pinned her to the ground with her legs wide open and places the fucking machine between them, while he tightens her nipple clamps and ties them to the floor. Check out the entire picture gallery below and we’ll see you next time with more!

See this submissive slave getting humiliated!

Just a Whore

Lauren Phillips struggles against O.T. in this latest infernal restraints video. While she was chained she couldn’t get over O.T.’s words, “you are a whore, a dirty whore”. She was just a slut living in captivity, this was her life. Only canes, chains and endless pain. This was her life in the device bondage, getting her holes violated by her master with whatever devices he had handy. Although this was Lauren’s first time trying out something like this she did a hell of a job and didn’t complain at all during all that rough punishment. She knew that if she starts making noise that will piss him off even more and she was going to be one that had to pay for it.

Lauren knew she wasn’t getting punished for anything, this was her place. Whenever he whipped her back and he canned her ass it was what she deserves. She didn’t do anything wrong, she was just a whore and this it what she was good at. See Lauren Phillips latest video below and make sure you get back for more intense restrains videos. Enjoy it!

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Infernal Restraints Video – Hacker Capture

Maddy O’Reilly is a hacker, a really good one. But in this infernal restraints video, her job is going to get her in a lot of trouble because Maddy ended up caged, tied and punished. She was working for a few years now gathering secret information. Having all that access made her a bit too cocky and a bit careless and she paid for that. Talking trash didn’t really helped her out this time and she paid for it in this one. O.T. took care of that!

The feds found her and took her in handcuffs out of her place and only god knows where they were taking her. Her head was covered and when she could finally see, it seemed like a basement. It was dark and she was pushed in a tiny Device Bondage cage. In the cage next to her there was another girl and from the look on her face she was there for a long time. Maddy is made to undress as a guy threatens her with a taser. The guys punished her in the worst way possible and Maddy is shaking and tearing up after the rough treatment. Enjoy!

Enjoy watching this cocky chick getting roughly punished!

Paired Video

Ashley Lane and Lauren Phillips are in the latest infernal restraints video. The two poor girls fell into the wrong hands in this one and he didn’t have nay mercy with them. He undressed the girls and tied them down and afterward the punishment began. Ashley was new to this but she had to learn the hard way how to do things without upsetting her master. No one wanted to upset him because things can always get way rougher than they are now. O.T. had all the time the world to play around with his new submissive slaves and they didn’t have even the slightest ideas of how things are going to turn on. Let’s say O.T. had some surprises for them!

He chained them to the floor, heads by each other’s feet and then started testing his toys on them. The girls were gagged so they wouldn’t make any noise during all of this. He uses his whip and started spanking the girls. When he saw that the girls are properly scared by the device bondage action, he then moves them for some different torments. But this is only the beginning so you gotta check them out hurting one another in the end of the scene. Enjoy it and see you next time with more hot girls testing their limits! Also can enter the site if you wanna see other kinky ladies getting their tight holes stretched by big fat tools!
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Device Bondage – Creep Suck Video

In this infernal restraints video, we have another chick that ended up in the wrong hands and of course getting punished. She went to one of her friend’s house, but he wasn’t there so the guy that opened the door invited her in. And that’s pretty much where everything started. She was actually at the wrong house but it took her a while to figure it out because she didn’t know his roommate. This guy offered to give her a tour of the house, she accepted but once they got in the basement things got really weird between them.

He asked her to try out one of the cages there, without knowing she got there and there is where she stayed for a while. This guy punished her in every possible way he could think about it. Started with a device bondage session from whipping to a fucking machine. O.T. loave playing with his submissive victims and he did it this time too with this poor chick. She definitely wasn’t expecting this and you can see that. This was all for today but make sure you check out the entire scene below and we’ll see you with more next time! Also you might enter the site and see other

Watch here this poor chick getting punished!