Just a Whore

Lauren Phillips struggles against O.T. in this latest infernal restraints video. While she was chained she couldn’t get over O.T.’s words, “you are a whore, a dirty whore”. She was just a slut living in captivity, this was her life. Only canes, chains and endless pain. This was her life in the device bondage, getting her holes violated by her master with whatever devices he had handy. Although this was Lauren’s first time trying out something like this she did a hell of a job and didn’t complain at all during all that rough punishment. She knew that if she starts making noise that will piss him off even more and she was going to be one that had to pay for it.

Lauren knew she wasn’t getting punished for anything, this was her place. Whenever he whipped her back and he canned her ass it was what she deserves. She didn’t do anything wrong, she was just a whore and this it what she was good at. See Lauren Phillips latest video below and make sure you get back for more intense restrains videos. Enjoy it!

See this chained whore getting her ass canned!